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Liquid Nitrogen Pre/Post-Op


Liquid Nitrogen Pre/Post-Op


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It is normal for the area to blister the day after treatment. Clean the site with mild soap and water. Pat the area dry. Apply a thin film of ointment (bacitracin, bactroban or even Aquaphor) to the area. Cover with a bandage. Cleanse and change daily. Keeping it covered with a bandage will help keep your wound clean, moist and prevent infection and bleeding. Treatment sites from the face normally take 5-7 days to heal, other body areas – arms, legs, back, hands, feet, trunk may take 10- 14 days.

Mild discomfort and swelling can occur during the healing process. This usually happens 6- 24 hours after surgery. You may take extra strength Tylenol if needed. Please note that a little redness around the wound is normal. If the skin around the wound becomes increasingly redder, swollen, hot and painful, please call the office.

Allergic reactions to the bandage/tape material and antibiotic ointments are extremely common and most often confused with infections. These reactions occur 48- 72 hours after surgery and are extremely itchy, become red and may develop small blisters. Please call our office, stop the antibiotic ointment and change to plain Vaseline/Aquaphor. Additionally, use a bandage with a different material than the one you’ve been using.

Bleeding can occasionally occur from the edge of the site. If there is any bleeding, it is usually just a drop every few minutes. Apply a new bandage and pressure over it for a few minutes. This will stop the bleeding. If it doesn’t, please call the office.

If you have any questions, please call the office (212) 249-8118.