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Acne Center of Excellence

We are thrilled to announce the grand opening of our Acne Center of Excellence, a pioneering initiative dedicated to advancing the treatment and management of acne for individuals of all ages. At...

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Fraxel to treat skin damage

Fraxel is a non-ablative fractional skin resurfacing treatment for a broad range of skin damage. It works by treating small sections of the skin at a time utilizing microscopic laser columns. This in turn spurs collagen production, which then allows damaged and dead cells to be replaced by new cells. We use Fraxel re:store dual laser which has two wavelengths: the deep penetrating 1550 for rebuilding collagen and repairing damaged skin, and the 1927 for removing extra pigmentation. Fraxel is effective on all areas of the body like face, neck, chest, hands, arms, abdomen and legs. It treats fine lines and wrinkles like crow’s feet and brow lines, surface scarring including acne and surgical scars, pigmentation, sun damage, and Actinic Keratosis. Patients are required to use a topical numbing cream one-hour before their appointment to decrease any pain. Downtime will be 1 week with good wound care and sun avoidance. Results can last for months depending on skin condition, age, and how well you protect your skin. Follow-up sessions can occur after 6-8 weeks of the initial session.


Patients typically require multiple treatments as only a portion is treated during each session.