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Microneedling with/without Radiofrequency


Microneedling with/without Radiofrequency


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Secret RF or Endymed Intensif are fractional radio frequency (RF) microneedling systems for tissue coagulation and hemostasis designed to stimulate and remodel collagen from the inside out. It delivers precise, controlled energy at various depths to target patients’ most common skin concerns on the face and body. Secret RF targets wrinkles, under-eyes creepiness, scars, sun damage, stretch marks, large pores, general signs of aging, skin quality, texture, and appearance. Patients are required to use a topical numbing cream one-hour before their appointment to decrease any pain. The procedure takes approximately 30-45 minutes, varying by region. You may experience a heat sensation during your treatment and the treatment area may be red for up to 10 days. We recommend a series of three treatments spaced 4 weeks apart. Multiple treatments are needed. Results can last for months depending on skin condition, age, and how well you protect your skin. Follow-up sessions can occur after 4-8 weeks after the initial session.


The Intensif’s unique gold-plated tapered needles require less passes per treatment, for shorter treatment times and greater patient comfort. The Intensif’s unparalleled 0.5mm to 5mm needle penetration depth and non-insulated needles provide efficient delivery throughout the entire column of targeted dermal tissue. Non-insulated gold needles, together with our proprietary Fractional Pulse Mode technology, generate more heat safely into the dermis for better collagen remodeling.

Secret RF

Secret RF is a novel fractional radio frequency (RF) microneedling system for tissue coagulation and hemostasis designed to stimulate and remodel collagen and address the common signs of aging. It is ideally suited for all skin types with various depths of skin – from 0.5-3.5 mm.

Secret RF Diagram