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Skin Cancer, Take a Hike!™ 2023

Osaka, Japan, here they come! The dynamic mother & daughter duo, Mallory & Diane, are teaming up with the American Academy of Dermatology for their fifth year of Skin Cancer, Take a Hike!™....

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Remove Aging Skin Without Surgery!

Introducing Ellacor® – the first and only FDA-approved fractional micro-coring device that removes excess skin to improve skin laxity! A small gauge needling device is used to create tiny punches in...

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What's NewIntroducing RHA Redensity – The Weightless Lipstick Line Treatment!

RHA Redensity infographic

RHA Redensity was made to target the perioral region, an extremely mobile area. The perioral region is a critical marker of youth, attractiveness, and beauty however with time, age-related changes begin to appear here far earlier than other areas on the face. RHA Redensity is a highly dynamic filler that is made to hold up the demands of the highly mobile perioral region. This filler moves with the face and corrects facial lines, wrinkles, and folds. Perfect for smoothing dynamic lipstick lines to give you a natural look and feel!